Learning Beyond The Classroom

Learning Beyond The Classroom

MTC Australia NSW Liverpool

Tuesday August 28th - Wednesday September 12th

At MTC Australia we believe that hands on Learning through interaction with the community, and engaging in Community events help Adult Learners gain understanding and awareness of vital life and employability skills, social processes, importance of networking, belonging to a wider community, mental well-being and improving language, literacy and numeracy skills. Using music, art, food, community projects, events, information sessions etc are strategies that facilitate joyful, purposeful learning.

To celebrate ALW our students enrolled in the Skills for Education & Employment training ( at Liverpool), are actively involved in the following:

28/8/18: Learning how to navigate everyday life and learning with vision impairment. Presentation by 18 year old vision impaired student- the advantages of Braille, music, technology, and the importance of communication

29/8/19: Elderly Abuse Expo- The unseen abuse and what we can do Discussion, writing, reading with specially created resources from realia. Listening to presentations by Superintendent Paul Albury, Commander of Liverpool City Police, A/Prof. F. Kohler, OAM, Clinical Director, Aged Care Rehab

31/8/18: DHS Manager, Peter Andrews presentation on DHS services, obligations, rights, duties, support-engaged students in active discussion

5/9/18: Multi Cultural Health Week: Cultural presentations by Vietnamese & Arabic choirs. Learning and awareness around mental health through specially prepared resources

11/9/18: Sharing live experiences as an Adult Learner

12/9/18: Empowerment of Women Through Art

Learning Beyond The Classroom


  • Tuesday August 28th
  • Wednesday August 29th
  • Friday August 31st
  • Tuesday September 4th
  • Wednesday September 5th
  • Tuesday September 11th
  • Wednesday September 12th


28/8/18: 10.00am-11.00am
29/8/18: 10.00am-2.00pm
31/8/18: 11.00am-12.15pm
4/9/18: Financial Counselling
5/9/18: 10.00am-2.00pm
11/9/18: 11.00am-12.15pm
12/9/18: 9.00am-12.15pm

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