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Ways to learn English and improve your reading and writing

Learning English can be a big issue for many new arrivals to Australia. Not being able to explain how you feel or finding that no one understands you, can make a person feel even more lost in a strange, new country. Learning to speak English can be tricky but it does offer many social and economic benefits. It can help you become more involved in your community and it can also help you find a job. Read More “Ways to learn English and improve your reading and writing”

Five reasons to be a lifelong learner

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So what is a lifelong learner? Well, lifelong learners simply have a positive attitude to learning, and they manage to maintain this attitude throughout their lives. They are self-motivated to learn because it’s good for them. Learning enhances how we understand our world and gives us greater opportunities to improve the quality of our lives. Here are our top 5 reasons for being an lifelong learner. Read More “Five reasons to be a lifelong learner”

Lifelong learners at work

Staying up to date in your job means you have to be continually learning new skills and gaining new knowledge. But professional development in the workplace doesn’t need to begin and end with formal qualifications. You might want to improve your digital skills or learn how to communicate with your team better. There are plenty of ways to do this without enrolling in a formal course.

Here are our top tips for great ways to stay up to date with the skills and experience you need for the workplace. Read More “Lifelong learners at work”