Who should take part?

Who should take part?

Adult Learners’ Week:

  • brings together organisations across the country to offer thousands of opportunities for all Australians to learn something new
  • celebrates lifelong learning and increase awareness of adult learning opportunities across Australia
  • demonstrates the dynamic personal, social and professional benefits of adult learning through a range of celebrations, activities and events across every state and territory
  • uses the hashtag #ALW2016 which will be the underlying element for all events and promotional materials
  • is co-ordinated by Adult Learning Australia, the peak body for Adult and Community Education.

Who can take part?

get-involvedAny organisation involved in adult education and training can get involved in Adult Learners’ Week including:

  • Neighbourhood houses
  • Community centres
  • Libraries
  • Training organisations
  • Employers
  • Not for profit organisations
  • TAFE colleges
  • Universities.

Why take part?

Here are just some reasons to get involved in Adult Learners’ Week:

  • To raise awareness of classes, events and your organisation as a whole
  • To promote your organisation in the local media
  • To raise awareness of the benefits of adult learning
  • To recruit new learners
  • To demonstrate the benefits and positive impact of learning to funding agencies and local politicians
  • To build relationships with other organisations in your area
  • To demonstrate the impact that learning has on people’s lives and celebrate the achievements of adult learners

Need some event ideas?