The benefits of learning how to grow your own food

There are many health benefits associated with learning how to grow and harvest your own food. One of the most important benefits is that it encourages you east more fresh fruits and vegetables, which we all know is important for good health. You can also control how your vegetables and fruit are treated in terms of going the organic route or using pesticides.

We know that when vegetables are allowed to ripen naturally in a garden that are much more nutritious than store-bought vegetables which are picked early – often way too early – and this can compromise how they taste and how nutritious they are.

Anyone can learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables. It isn’t overly difficult but it does require some time.

Free workshop during Adult Learners’ Week

During Adult Learners’ Week, the Junction Community Centre, in Ottoway South Australia, is running a fantastic free workshop where you can learn all about growing and harvesting your own food. This workshop will expand your knowledge of gardening and arm you with some tasty recipes as well.

The benefits of learning how to grow your own food