National media campaign

National media campaign

DSC_0416Adult Learning Australia will co-ordinate a national radio, newspaper and social media campaign to promote Adult Learners’ Week. This media campaign will promote the Adult Learners’ Week website so that people around Australia can find out what events are happening in their local area. Running an Adult Learners’ Week event and ensuring it is posted to the Adult Learners’ Week website allows people to discover what’s going on during Adult Learners’ Week in their own neighbourhood.

By adding your event to the Adult Learners’ Week website, you are not only promoting your organisation’s work to a far larger audience but you are helping to paint a picture of the host of adult learning activities happening around Australia.


Our Adult Learners’ Week online toolkit will give you lots of tips on planning the promotion and publicity for your campaign in the local media. Incorporate photography into your planning. You can use photos of your event in social media and on your website as well as sending them to local media.

Website and social media

You can publish press releases images and updates about your organisation’s activities on your website before, during and after Adult Learners’ Week. Use the #ALW2017 hashtag on your website and social media posts. Our Adult Learners’ Week theme is all about encouraging adults to identify ways in which they are a lifelong learner and to share this with friends. Events are a great way to demonstrate this. Encourage participants at your event to share their experience of how they have rediscovered the joy of learning and to share this through their own networks.

Competitions, prizes, tips and tools

We’ll be announcing all sorts of activities, prizes and helpful tips as well as providing all the branding and promotional material you’ll need for a great Adult Learners’ Week.