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ALW 2016 media kit guidelines

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ALW2016 TwibbonA Twibbon is a little image that sits over the top of your Facebook or Twitter profile picture. The ALW Twibbon is located here. We encourage you to use it to show your support.

  • Click on the link above.
  • Click the ‘Add to Facebook’ button (you’ll see your profile image with the #ALW2016 logo underneath).
  • Resize and position the Twibbon to suit your profile image.
  • Click ‘Add the Twibbon to Facebook’ button.
  • Click ‘Set as your Facebook profile picture’.
  • Click ‘Make profile pic’ (from here you can resize if you want to).
  • To finish – click ‘Crop and Save’.

How do I remove it?

Facebook: Click on your profile pic and click ‘update profile pic’.
Twitter: Click on the ‘edit profile’ button towards the top right of your page.